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Google Zerg Rush goes viral killing your search results!

There is a new phenomenon that has caught on the internet world named Google Zerg Rush. Zerg Rush is apparently an online game by Google as an Easter special where when you type the term ‘Zerg Rush’ in the Google search bar, there would be a lot of red and yellow colored Os from the google logo representing the Easter eggs that will pop into the screen and destroy the search results that have been indexed. What the user is supposed to do is to basically click on the Os and terminate them as much as they can.

Once you have lost (yes, there is no way you are going to win this zerg rush game as there are endless Os to deal with) and all the content on-screen has been destroyed, the Os form two giant “Gs” while Google calculates your total score and leaves it up to you whether you want to post it on social circles like Google+ or not.




Of course if you want to continue with the zerg rush search that you originally searched for, you can click on the ‘Clear’ button that is available on-screen to end the game and continue with your search. Many users might not be aware of this, but zergs are basically the race of aliens in the 1990s game StarCraft, where the zergs would simply rush and descend upon the player. So while the rush is still on with the Google Zerg Rush, why don’t you just type in ‘Zerg Rush’ in your Google search bar and join the rush and make sure to post your scores here.


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2 thoughts on “Google Zerg Rush goes viral killing your search results!

  1. mast hain 😀

    Posted by Jeetu Singh | May 1, 2012, 10:54
  2. whoa.. 😮 thnx for d info!

    Posted by Amrin | May 1, 2012, 21:04

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