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Social Class: You belong to the high class or the low class?

Ever since my childhood, I had been hearing the words rich and poor in reference to people and families, classifying them in some sort of category. I one day asked my parents the question that was ever burning in my mind whether we are rich or poor? My dad smirked and humorously said we are very poor, child. He questioned as to what I feel about the same? To heal my wounded ego, I replied “no I think we are rich. See, we have a Television, an air conditioner, a car, a refrigerator etc., what else does it take to be rich?” They had a nice laugh and the discussion ended right there.

After quite an amount of time, the terms that started floating around me were people belonging to a certain social class like a high class or upper class society, a middle class society or a lower class society. Not really understanding that it is pretty much the same thing as being rich or poor, I once again went to my dad and asked him the question that you guys must have got by now. He again jokingly replied to being a lower class one and I had to settle with that fact then.

Now being grown up, knowing well about rich and poor, social classes like the high class and low class, I look back at those memories, those questions and laugh at my own self. But one thing that I still ponder over is that who actually is a high class personality and who is a low one? Is it simply all about money? Is it all actually got to do with being rich or poor? Person with a heavy bank balance, lavish lifestyle, all branded clothing etc is all it takes to call oneself a high class personality? While the person content with having just the basic needs, struggling to feed the demands of his children is referred to as a low class personality? Basically and practically, the answer would be yes. That is how it is judged and that is how the society actually judges it. But I beg to differ. It is a different thing to have a loaded truck of money, but it is altogether a different thing to account yourself as an upper class personality on that basis. With every sort of fame, power, fortune and in this case, class, comes responsibility. It is your responsibility, your deeds that makes you what you are. There is always a possibility that even though you are officially a “high class” personality, you end up doing deeds that is the most ridiculous of sorts, while a lower class person does what you would expect of a respectable classy person.

Let’s take this real life example into account. This incident took place in one of the clubs. An attractive girl was having a soft drink near the reception of the club. She was approached by a high profile, good looking guy who showed definite interest in her. Both spent quite a quality time and even danced with each other. It got quite late in the night and the girl had to go back home. The boy offered her the help to drop her to her home in his car which the girl gladly accepted. The incident that followed only brought regret, depression and guilt on the part of the girl as the “upper class” guy made attempts to rape her. It was only her good luck that saved her as she managed to jump off the racing car, getting badly injured in the process. Now, the question that arises is was that the behavior you expect from a “classy” guy? That purely amounts to the most ridiculous and cheapest of an act there could be. So what makes him an upper class person? Just his money? I don’t think so.

At the same time this act could be done by a middle class or a low class person as well. But then it doesn’t make him a high class or an upper class person and as the people would say, “these are how these low class people are. Disgusting and utter cheap”. Both class end up doing the same act, but one remains to be a high-class while other is  a lower class person. How do you or for that matter anyone else justifies that? On the other hand there are those rich people who contribute a lot to the society with their noble deeds and mankind in specific. Even being polite, nice, helpful and kind to a human being contributes to the part of being responsible towards the society. This is something that even a low income or an average income earner can come up with, yet we differentiate them into separate classes. Yes, one of them is rich and one of them is poor, but that doesn’t equalize to them being high class and low class as well. Both have a thin line of difference between them. Money alone helps in defining only rich or poor, but it alone definitely does not symbolizes the class that people belong to.

With that being said, i won’t rule money out of the equation completely. Money does play a significant part in forming a part of the class but as aforementioned, it ALONE does not symbolize a class. It just helps classify the rich income group and the average or low income group. A class is formed out of more things than just money as already mentioned. I can’t and i don’t really expect to change the society’s thinking with this post. It is all about throwing a light on what I feel is one of the most mislead and misjudged beliefs in the current society. Still if this leads to even one of my readers to ponder over the points or be affected by it in any way, it will be nothing less than a success.


About vinayakchandra

Student,movies and music freak, writer, always aiming to be a better human being. A lot more as i get to know myself.


12 thoughts on “Social Class: You belong to the high class or the low class?

  1. A very good start to your blog posts bro. You are very correct, the class of a person is not determined by his money, but his intent. It’s not how much you have, it’s how much you are ready to give away. You are raising up very good points, keep it up.

    Posted by Shikhar | May 5, 2012, 13:30
  2. Good post. Judge people’s Class by their thinking, attitude, their way of living, their manners in which they express themselves, how they behave with the societyt etc. and money comes in the last to judge a person’s class.

    Posted by merevichar069 | May 5, 2012, 15:21
  3. really nice…n its actually a true fact..its jst money which brings the diff…but seriously what i believe is dat d rich r actually d poorest…if ever i hav to distinguish between a high class or a low class person i would definitely choose tha one who is rich at heart…one having crores of values,respect for others…i wish ppl understand this n this discrimination can be removed…n ya good job..keep it up..we should keep inspiring ppl in ne way possible…because ppl today really need to ponder over such facts…:)

    Posted by parul agarwal | May 5, 2012, 18:31
  4. nice one…….:)

    Posted by arpit mathur | May 5, 2012, 23:06
  5. Good post. Its a phase of life that you are going through, that is making you think on these things.

    All I would say is that I am happy you thought on that, and may you become more clear on several things related to these.

    Posted by yajuarya | May 5, 2012, 23:41
  6. agree with dis post

    really Money is not so important things in
    life but the goodness of the heart
    and the love for each other is the
    most important things in life that
    money can’t buy.

    Gud one bro
    keep it up ..

    Posted by Deepjaiswal | May 6, 2012, 00:11
  7. Very Bright Vision of Urs..
    That’s the real essence..
    Well posted 🙂

    Posted by Akshay | May 6, 2012, 00:13
  8. Decent attempt! Money and Values together comprise class. I have another point- why this classification at all? What good does this cast , creed and class division do to the society? Some food for thought for you… may be a sequel to this post.. what say ?

    Posted by Nidhi Chandra | May 6, 2012, 00:14
  9. I second you..
    awesome piece of work..

    Posted by Ankit Tiwari | May 6, 2012, 00:26
  10. nice one…gud work…:):)

    Posted by Vaibhav Singh | May 6, 2012, 00:56
  11. nice one yarr…
    good keep it up bro….

    Posted by Prakhar | May 6, 2012, 01:41
  12. Ultimately human daily life boils down in searching for happiness ….Now its your choice you want happiness by man made things or by God made things. Even a beautiful thought from your mind can give lot of happiness than travelling in an expensive vehicle. Excellent thought ….keep it up 🙂

    Posted by Rohit Singh Arya | May 9, 2012, 10:51

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