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Poonam Pandey strips and trends!

Poonam Pandey promised that she would strip if Shah Rukh Khan’s Kolkata Knight Riders wins the fifth edition of the immensely controversial and popular IPL 2012, and she did live up to her promise this time. Last time Poonam Pandey made any such bold claims was last year during the World Cup Final when India reached the final and Poonam vowed to strip if Dhoni’s men in blue end up as champions to act as a source of motivation for them. India won the cup, but the Kingfisher model didn’t strip, or in her words she was not allowed to strip as BCCI and other sort of politics crept in and restrained her from pulling any such act on a social networking site.

The leggy beauty stripped and posted her nude picture on her twitter account, much to the delight of her fans, with little left for imagination. Doing this, Pandey proved her detractors and critics wrong that she was not just making a bold remark to gain footage or popularity, when she said she would strip, last year. Pandey has generated a buzz whatsoever, even becoming a twitter favourite in the process.

Like it or not, but Poonam Pandey definitely knows how to stay in the limelight and no matter whether you are drooling over her bare body picture or the one criticizing her, the very fact that she is trending on Twitter and surprisingly no. 1 in Google trends in India speaks volumes about her buzz that has gone viral in the virtual world. Poonam posted the picture saying “WARNING 18 and under should not try looking up the pic. that said I do not take responsibility for anyone under age.” In this process, Poonam became the butt of many twitter jokes as well, but a woman’s got to do what she is got to do. While Poonam trends all over the internet, Google India trends and on twitter, she goes on to say that this was all for now and people would see more of her in her debut movie.

We wonder as to what further she has in store for us, beyond the fact that she might not even leave anything for imagination in her film. We can just wait and watch. Remarks like Pandey being cheap or derogatory have made their presence felt too, but numbers don’t lie. The very fact that the virtual world is abuzz with her speaks a lot. It is ultimately up to us, the people to decide whether to lap this or slap it, but from the trends it seems to be the former as of now. Oh and in case you are disappointed not to see the nude pic here, well unlike Poonam i do take responsibility for people of any age viewing my blog.


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