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Pervert Hypocrisy

Hypocrites and perverts are terms you must be familiar with.  But it reaches a new height altogether when put in the same frame. The reason why I chose to write on this topic was rather something that has been existing since ages but caught my attention BIG TIME only recently.

Bollywood industry has come a long way. From concepts to storyline to technology, there has been a drastic change in the Bollywood entertainment scenario over the years. Another drastic change that has occurred is the way of showing intimacy between the characters. From two flowers being brought closer to the actual filming of a lovemaking act between the protagonists, you would believe that even intimacy doesn’t shy away from a change. But that is not the reason why I am writing this post. It is more to do with the hypocrisy that follows. There is a recently released Bollywood flick, Ishaqzaade, by a leading production house, Yash Raj Films that boasts of some steamy kissing and lovemaking scenes in the film. Not to anyone’s surprise, the specific scenes made it to the video hosting sites quite rampantly with just days after its release. What left me bemused were the comments in the comment section for that video. Ok, some heads here must be questioning as to why and what led me to watch the video? Firstly, though not a sex starved person or a pervert, I am not a saint. Secondly, despite the previously mentioned reasons, I didn’t search for it. I was told and then given a link for it. Now that I have cleared your doubts, I shall resume with what I was originally here to do.

Around seven pages of comments, and almost all of them were expectedly filled with the filthiest of comments possible. Well, that was obvious, wasn’t it? You would ask. Yes of course it was. But what led me to discombobulate was that there was not a single comment that targeted the male protagonist involved in the act. All the attention and target was spot on the actress shooting the said intimate scene. No, it was not that the attention was a positive one, claiming the actress to be so professional in her act that she outshone the actor but instead she stood being the dartboard of all the viewers for all the other reasons. You could read comments claiming her to be a real life prostitute to some mentioning her as a sex hungry woman. If that was not less, a couple of viewers even went to the disgusting extent of her being involved in an incest act with her father. It was more like a free flowing gutter of choice words that the discriminating sick pervert minds inundated the video site with. Such is the mentality you get to see on social sites or the virtual world, which help them reveal who and they really are which is otherwise concealed in the front of the humanely world.

And while everyone pounded on their respective claims about the girl, none of them even left a single remark on the actor, be it positive or negative. Probably because he is a male, and no matter who initiates and indulges in the intimate act, it is the fairer sex that is to be blamed and moreover, cursed. Oh why? Is he not involved in the lovemaking? Or maybe because the girl had pulled a trigger on his temple to have sex with him? Ridiculous is the fact that the old age adage still exists and even ridiculous is the way people hypocritically resort to it.  The same people, who ridicule the women involved in intimacy, very much depend on them to quench their sex starved thirst. They resort to feeding themselves with flesh seeking junk and finally, they end up lusting endlessly over these women as well. If it is so bad or if the girls/ women do not deserve to be in the same league as you, why do you need to stoop to a level not suited to you, for stimulation?

Hypocrisy is a trait, carried by many and hated by even more. But it further leads a bad taste when mixed with the discrimination that too via perverts. We can just hope people to be more standard, broad minded and maintain a little decency be it virtual or real world. Till then we just have to co-op up with the double standards.


About vinayakchandra

Student,movies and music freak, writer, always aiming to be a better human being. A lot more as i get to know myself.


2 thoughts on “Pervert Hypocrisy

  1. Good post. Our society is gender biased on one more level that some might not have thought about. The last few paras were thought provoking.

    The lines that made me smile the most were “Firstly, though not a sex starved person or a pervert, I am not a saint. Secondly, despite the previously mentioned reasons, I didn’t search for it. I was told and then given a link for it. Now that I have cleared your doubts, I shall resume with what I was originally here to do.”

    Posted by yajuarya | June 12, 2012, 13:29
  2. You have raised this issue up beautifully dude. We have a long way to go before we can get out of the state of being judgmental bigots. Our field of thinking is so limited that anything beyond that is not only unacceptable to us, but also reprehensible. Fortunately, multiculturalism and globalization will help curb it.

    Posted by Shikhar | June 18, 2012, 18:12

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