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Jism 2 Movie Review

Picking up sensational stories from the media and turning it into a plot script of their own has been Mahesh Bhatt’s old tactic.’Crook’ (Australian racist attack on Indians), ‘Tum Mile’ (July 2005 Mumbai floods), ‘Murder 2’ (Nithari Murder case) and many others are a testimony to this fact. However, with Jism 2, the sensation does not lie in the news or the plot but actually an individual who caught the nation’s attention and created a sensation. I am talking about the lead actress of the film, Sunny Leone. Sunny, who happens to be an Indo – Canadian porn star created quite a furore when she appeared as one of the inmates in the fifth edition of Bigg Boss. Not to waste an opportunity to grab attention to his film, Mahesh Bhatt actually went to the house and signed her for the role in Jism 2.

Was Sunny enough to keep the attention of the audience hooked as in to anticipate for the movie? Maybe yes. Was she enough to emote and cover up for the half – hearted script? A strict No. Jism 2, despite all its controversies, sleazy love-making and some melodic tracks, fails badly and that too at the very base – the script. Izna (Sunny Leone) is a porn star, hired by a secret agency to trap Kabir (Randeep Hooda), who is supposedly a sociopath killer and as it later turns out, is her ex-lover. The very initial scene where Sunny Leone meets Ayan (Arundoy Singh), who is the agency official, is quite questionable. Why would a porn star just go around a hotel and hook up with a random person? Did Bhatt forget the difference between a porn star and a prostitute? Ultimately they both make out, and it is only after it being done that Ayan tells Izna about the agency and her requirement for the task. When Izna gets to know that Kabir is the same guy she used to love, she goes to her past and starts spilling out details of their serious affair, but you never really get to know as to how she ended up being a porn star. A downright silly stuff by the writer there.

Just after Izna has told her love story to Ayan, he hugs her, kisses on her forehead and gradually falls in love with her. The writer basically doesn’t feel the need to justify that as well. I mean, a love – making and a storytelling later, you fall in love with a woman? Are you serious? It is flawed writing like this which basically insults your intelligence and makes Jism 2 struggle from the very beginning to the very end. While Jism had sex and skin show as its central point, Jism 2 is basically an attempt to lure the viewers by signing a porn star and throwing in a fit of love making and kissing scenes just to keep the titillation concerned audience happy. Mahesh Bhatt, for sure, deserves brownie points for scoring on that target.

Randeep Hooda, a fine actor seems wasted here as he has no support of any of the actors as far as acting is concerned. Arundoy seems least interested in the film, while Sunny Leone was never signed for her acting skills. Collectively, it hampers the already hampered plot. Music of the film is somewhat decent, but not on par with the albums that Bhatt’s are usually known for. Anyhow, the songs don’t help the film at all. Only thing going for the film is its cinematography as the film is shot through various beautiful locales of Sri Lanka.  Jism 2, on the whole is a half-baked and a ridiculous attempt to carry the brand further utilizing the erotica, and thus making money for the makers.

Rating: Poor


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