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Mahesh Bhatt’s lazy way to success : The reasoning behind Jism 2 and Murder 2

Jism and Murder, both produced by Mahesh Bhatt were released in the year 2003 and 2004 respectively which went on to become box office hits. But besides the Mahesh Bhatt factor the films had another strong common point which was the cause for their huge success and that is that both films were marketed majorly on their sexual connotations and bold scenes. That is not to deny that both the films boasted of some melodic chartbusters but the large number of footballs were dragged into the theatres, courtesy the skin show and steamy aspects in both the films.

Almost half a decade later, Mahesh Bhatt’s ‘Vishesh films’ was struggling at the box office with their films namely Jashnn, Crook and Tum Mile falling flat on their faces. It was then when Bhatt decided to cash in on the successes of their erotic thrillers Jism and Murder, and further their brand by announcing their second instalment. While a second film under both the films’ brands was in the making, Bhatt clarified that they were not the sequel to the first part but a different movie under the franchise of the films. Murder 2 starred the Bhatt’s camp favourite, Emraan Hashmi along with Jacqueline Fernandez while Jism 2 had none other than the Indo – Canadian porn star Sunny Leone playing the lead. Both films have released by now, Murder 2 in 2011 and Jism 2 just recently in August 2012. And while Murder 2 was smash hit, final reports on Jism 2 are yet to pour in. However, seeing both the films I realized that while Bhatt’s may have made a smart decision to use the existing brand they found in Jism and Murder, the writing of the film was merely to somehow justify the title and get away with it.

Jism which means body was actually about a woman having a guy to do the dirty work for her by luring him in her love trap using skin show and making love to him. On the other hand Murder, as the name suggests revolved around a murder, but the cause of the murder was actually the erotic element in the movie which was that the wife slept with another man, enraging the husband and making him cross limits to an extent of murdering the guy. Apparently, it was the erotic element which helped the film sail smoothly through the box office.  Thus, in the second instalment of both the films there had to be some amount of skin show, steamy and lovemaking scenes. But unless you watch the film purely for the titillation factor no matter what, you would realize that while the first film of both brands had sex / lovemaking as its central factor, they were far from being so in their respective second instalments.

Murder 2 was a story about an ex-cop dealing with human trafficking and his race against time to save a girl (who surprisingly isn’t even the lead actress in the film). But since Murder as a brand promises lovemaking, you have a useless love story thrown in between a couple who are more like friends with benefits and thus some amount of kissing and lovemaking. In fact all such scenes are kept at the very beginning, and the film steers ahead only once these scenes are done away with. Take out the love story, take out the sexual aspects, heck even take out the lead actress and the film still remains the same for they have nothing to do with the movie at all. Yes, not even the lead heroine since the supporting actress gets more footage and more storyline to her than Jacqueline who seems to be in the film only for titillation purposes.

Coming to Jism 2, there was a tagline in all the promos of the film that said ‘To love her is to die’, which would give you an impression that this film, like its predecessor has got something to do with the woman taking advantage by using her body as a strong luring weapon. In fact, the storyline had strong points to bring these aspects in the film but alas, they did not. Jism 2 ultimately turns out to be a film where a porn star (Sunny Leone) is hired by some intelligence bureau officers to be used as a ploy to trap Kabir (Randeep Hooda) a sociopath killer. So far so good as you would think that this is where the essence of Jism comes in where the actress would get the criminal utilizing her body to do the task. But that is not to happen. It eventually turns out that she and Kabir have a past, which is actually a love story. And this is where the essence goes haywire. Ultimately, you have a love story or you can say a love triangle with two old lovers and one Officer falling for the sultry Leone. You still get to see some scorching sleazy lovemaking and kissing scenes, but again, just like Murder 2, they are just there to showcase a formal loyalty to the brand and contribute nothing to the story.

Bhatt’s for sure knows the nerves of the audience and while the audience is anyway happy with such half-baked attempts at writing a suitable script to carry the brand further, the makers who have very well got you into the trap, laugh all the way to the bank. It is only a matter of time when we see another half – hearted attempt by the writers for the third instalment, yet help them mint money all the way.


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