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The Undertaker’s Greatest Wrestlemania Rivalry: Triple H or Shawn Michaels ?

The Undertaker is a superstar who has remained a dominant force in the WWE over the last two decades and still going strong. Throughout these years The Undertaker has achieved feats and accolades that strongly speak about his dominance but if there is anything that he has accomplished to an extent of being probably never … Continue reading

Poonam Pandey strips and trends!

Poonam Pandey promised that she would strip if Shah Rukh Khan’s Kolkata Knight Riders wins the fifth edition of the immensely controversial and popular IPL 2012, and she did live up to her promise this time. Last time Poonam Pandey made any such bold claims was last year during the World Cup Final when India … Continue reading

Swear words in Bollywood: A marketing norm?

The Bollywood industry has come a long way over the years. Marketing norms have changed, the concepts have changed, the audience has changed and so has the language of cinema. Long gone are the days when cinema used to rely very much on the heavy duty dialogues by the rusty raw protagonists. Today’s Bollywood cinema … Continue reading

IPL 2012 : The Dirty Picture

Photo Courtesy: Santabanta Cricket is a gentleman’s game,or so they say. If you have been following cricket for the past few years or even the past few seasons of the Indian Premier League popularly known as the IPL, you would surely shake your head in disagreement with the phrase mentioned here. A game that has … Continue reading

India’s Petrol Price Hike: Curse or Boon?

So there it is again. The government in India has done what people clearly expected yet they went a step ahead meeting more than just expectations. They brought the people a step closer to their wildest nightmare. Yes, petrol prices have been increased by a whopping Rs. 7.5 per litre and you see the people … Continue reading

Happy Mother’s Day : A tribute to all the mothers

Mother and baby, both sleepy, a photo by Beth and Anth on Flickr. It is not just your birth alone but also the birth of a mother on the day you are born. A mother, who withstands all pains to bring you into this world, and when she does, she forgets all that pain and … Continue reading

Social Class: You belong to the high class or the low class?

Ever since my childhood, I had been hearing the words rich and poor in reference to people and families, classifying them in some sort of category. I one day asked my parents the question that was ever burning in my mind whether we are rich or poor? My dad smirked and humorously said we are … Continue reading

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